WIN Symposium at ESC Draws Hundreds

Julinda Mehilli, MD gave a talk on uncontrolled hypertension as part of the WIN lunch symposium at ESC on Monday, 27 August in Munich, Germany.



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Genetic Testing More Effective Diagnostic Tool for Obstructive CAD in Women Than Typical Approaches

Results from the PREDICT trial, a prospective, multicenter study, showed that commonly used diagnostic approaches, such as symptom evaluation and myocardial perfusion imaging, performed less well in women than in men for
identifying obstructive coronary artery disease. In contrast, the Corus CAD test, a genetic test developed by CardioDX, Inc.,  performed well in both women and men. Corus CAD offers a reliable diagnostic approach for the assessment of non-diabetic patients, particularly women, with suspected obstructive coronary artery disease.

With a simple blood draw, Corus CAD can help primary care clinicians and cardiologists exclude obstructive coronary artery disease as the cause of a stable non-diabetic patient’s symptoms. It is the first gender-specific test for
obstructive coronary artery disease, accounting for critical biological differences between men and women.

Results from the PREDICT trial were published online today in the American Heart Journal. WIN Member Alexandra Lansky, MD, was leader author for the study. To access the article, click HERE.



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President Obama Signs FDA Safety and Innovation Act

What does this mean? It could mean the start of true change for the treatment of women with heart disease. The FDA Safety and Innovation Act includes language which requires the FDA to publicaly report clinical trial information by sex, race, and ethnicity. Built on a provision of the HEART for Women Act, this new legislation will ideally allow for more meaningful sex and race specific analysis of new drugs and devices, providing for patient-centered care and improved patient outcomes. WIN applauds the President’s signing of this bi-partisan Act as a meaningful step in improving the lives of women with heart disease.

For more detail through WomenHeart’s statement on the passing of the FDA Safety and Innovation Act click HERE.

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New WIN Promo Video!

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WIN in Egypt

WIN Co-Chair Alaide Chieffo, MD, FSCAI (seated, right) gave a talk during the “Ladies Program” on June 7th during CardioAlex 2012 in Alexandria, Egypt. The program, in it’s 11th year, is arranged by program organizer ICOM for the spouses of the program attendees, and is part of CardioAlex’s “Go Healthy” initiative. To learn more, visit or

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