Robotic PCI May Help Female Interventionalists

In the July 2013 issue of Cath Lab Digest, SCAI WIN member Allison Dupont, MD, FSCAI authors an article on radiation safety for female interventional cardiologists, and the use of robotics for reducing radiation exposure.

“Studies have shown that interventional cardiologists have the highest rates of exposure of any interventional specialists. Over the course of a career, there is no way to protect oneself completely from exposure. Robotic PCI can be an excellent way for the interventional cardiologist to reduce his or her radiation exposure. During pregnancy, when radiation exposure needs to be at a bare minimum, robotic PCI should be used wherever feasible for female interventionalists.

Not only women, but the entire field of interventional cardiology must be diligent about doing what we can to minimize risk by having a healthy respect for the dangers of radiation exposure. Interventionalists and cath lab staff need to utilize all available methods to minimize radiation exposure as much as possible.”

To read the full article, click HERE.

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