Health Disparities Research Consortium Looks to Broaden Reach of SCAI WIN

SCAI has entered into a partnership relationship with the Health Disparities Research Consortium (HDRC). HDRC is a new non-profit organization started in order to improve clinical research and clinical trial strategies so they can more appropriately address minority and female patient populations, not just in interventional cardiology but across medicine. Health disparities are a multi-faceted issue, but part of the solution for achieving improved outcomes is to change the research approach – enroll more diverse patients into trials, improve analysis of trial data and translate trial results directly into practice. HDRC Medical Director, Dr. Roxana Mehran, saw the potential to broaden the work of SCAI WIN to a larger platform, and approached SCAI to partner on the new initiative.

HDRC plans to launch its first US cardiovascular activities in 2014, but is using 2013 to build a multi-functional Investigator Database. The goals of the database are to match investigators with interested trial sponsors, develop a stronger understanding of physician experience and site patterns, and send free educational information to the investigators so they can improve their trial strategies at individual, practice or system-wide levels. Educational information will be gathered from partner organizations, connecting the dots between stakeholders. All components will be centered on metrics in order to track improvement.

In order to learn more, and register (for free!) in the HDRC Investigator Database, visit


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