Hysterectomy Linked to Heart Disease

In a recent study published in the European Heart Journal, Swedish researchers found that women who undergo hysterectomies are at a greater risk of experiencing heart disease and/or stroke. The 800,000 women study, spanning three decades, found that women who underwent a hysterectomy before age 50 had nearly a 20 percent higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease compared to women who had not undergone the procedure.

This study is further supporting evidence in Women in Innovations’ (“WIN”) recent efforts to address the link between cardiology and gynecology. Together with Abbott Vascular’s Women’s Heart Health Initiative, SCAI WIN helped launched a patient screening effort, where OBGYN departments from various sites around the country, working with their institution’s cardiology department, screen patients for heart disease symptoms. The goal is to screen 3,000 patients with findings used for future WIN projects. Dr. Sudhir Mungee, FSCAI, a physician champion for the screening  program from Heartcare Midwest in Peoria, IL, submitted initial findings from his site as an abstract for consideration for SCAI’s Annual Scientific Sessions in Baltimore, MD. WIN looks forward to future studies and findings related to this growing area of interest.

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