To Egg or Not To Egg: Heart Disease is the Question

Here is an interesting blog post about the link between eggs and heart disease, citing several scientific publications and studies. Not directly related to interventional cardiology, per se, but certainly relevant. Some food for thought. Enjoy!

For a link to the post click HERE.

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One Response to To Egg or Not To Egg: Heart Disease is the Question

  1. Vikas Kapil says:

    Ms Moyer makes some interesting points regarding LDL cholesterol in this article and her others on the slate blog… however, there is uncontrovertible evidence that lower LDL (whether small, medium or large) lowers heart disease risk (as well as many other important vascular diseases) and this should not be forgotten. I think the most interesting part of cholesterol research is that there is still no consensus on how saturated fat increases blood cholesterol… such a simple idea but without hard, undisputed scientific mechanisms as of yet.